the Land Rover...

Came home tonight and parked my Land Rover in the street for a minute.  When I was walking up the drive, I decided to go grab a camera and tripod to take a few pictures.  Remember, I will take pictures of anything.  My biggest problem is stopping at one...  I took one with the Leica M8, one with the Olympus EP2, one with the Polaroid 100 and one with the Polaroid 250.  Lots of pictures, different edits on the digital and different films on the analog...


  1. Hi, Nice! The land rovers that are coming are going to be a little soft, too much luxury, like pretty light colored interieur (i love it to), which will be completely destroyed if you go in the car with your muddy shoes after the offroading. and all these electronics: you cant just fix your land rover discovery 4 like lets say, defender 90. but still I love Land Rover alot. Always the best :) @Augusta

  2. The 2017 Land Rover Discovery also named the LR5 is prepared to hit the international automobile market place new Land Rover Discovery 2017.