weekend with Pyper...

Well most of these have found their way to Maci, Tyler, Sadi or Sherri's facebook pictures (because I couldn't wait to share them) but I wanted to post them on my blog to tell about what a great weekend that I had taking pictures of Pyper.  It was almost like she wouldn't let me take a bad picture of her.  She just kept looking, smiling and posing for me.  They were taken with the 40D and the EP2.  Sherri says that Pyper will eventually tire of me taking pictures of her.  I know the day will come, but that is when the bribing will kick in...


  1. these are some of the most precious pictures of her. These photos have been the most enjoyable to look at and facebook postings just can't do justice to how they look here on your site!

  2. I remember taking thousands of pics of my first born, hundreds of my second born and a few of my last kid. Don't make my mistake... If you have more that is. These are precious photos and it will take a lifetime to fully love and appreciate. Btw, thanks for you comments on my blog. I suppose photography has taken a backseat to writing for now, I have just felt the need to do this and I enjoy it. Keep shooting. You have a wonderful eye and technique and I feel your soul thru your pages. Take care