an afternoon with Sadi...

Sadi and I went downtown Greenville today and did a quick photo session in an old vacant building (no really!  I had permission to be there)...  It is good to have a place to take pictures inside on a windy day.  My days are probably limited on finding buildings such as this in the downtown area.  Amazing to have such good props.  The photo below was taken in front of a window with a bare wooden wall behind her.  You can see the filler putty in the voids between the slats.  All of the pictures were taken without a flash so the shutter speed was pretty slow even though I had window light coming through.  I used a tripod for most of the pictures to limit the blurring.  This one was taken with the Leica M8 and the Zeiss 35mm f/2.0 lens.  It was the one that immediately caught my eye because of the dark shadows on the right hand side of the picture...  I will post more photos from the afternoon later on this weekend.

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