more Maci and Tyler and oh yeah, don't forget Pyper...

A few more shots from last night.  Glad we got to capture these moments.  We all had alot of fun doing this...  When I was modifying the pictures today I noticed right off that I made a slight (or stupid) mistake on the camera settings. I had been messing around taking pictures a few days ago and I changed the ISO setting to 400.  Well, I forgot to change it back and I took all of the photos last night with this ISO.  The result was alot more digital noise than I planned.  Definitely would have rather had this setting at 100, but it is one of those things that you can't have a do-over.  Technically I could have a do-over but I wouldn't want to be the one to tell Maci that I needed her to do this again...  Will definitely pay more attention when I take the pictures of Pyper.  Modified all of them using Aperture 3, Silver Efex Pro an Color Efex Pro.  

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  1. Hey Brad, I finally made it over here. A wonderful and heart warming blog. Your last entry does my heart good, to see a young couple together during this special time. Thanks for checking out my blog, I really do appreciate. I have put you on my list of blogs that I read in the hopes that I won't be a stranger to your's and to hopefully attract more people. Between you and me I really don't get alot of hits, mostly family and my regulars.

    I hope you and your's had a wonderful Christmas and New Year's and wishing the best to you in 2011. Until next time, take care and God bless.

    Pete of 37th Frame