nuevo oriental...

We bought several $$$ worth of fruits and vegetables at a Tegucigalpa market (see posting on this maybe tomorrow) and took them to hand out at the place called Nuevo Oriental.  Very eye-opening to see how much could be bought with the money and how sought after these fruits and vegetables would be.  A picturesque place, if you can get past the fact that the people actually live in the tiny tin or wood houses.

When we pulled up in our big yellow bus, it attracted quite a bit of attention (it seemed to be like this everywhere).  We immediately started unloading the fruits and vegetables and the lines started forming (recognize my friend?).

The area was definitely crowded, but I started looking around for pictures.  It was amazing to see all of the happiness that was rampant in this place.  Everywhere I looked kids were smiling.  Two girls were coloring on a page that was given to them (notice I said page, not book).  They were coloring with the page on their legs on the side of a hill.  When I spoke to them, they could do nothing but smile.  I love the fact that they let me take a picture of this precious moment.  I saw one of the girls later and she asked me to take her picture again.  Absolutely beautiful!

I looked down the hill and saw a man standing outside the local church.  Couldn't resist this moment.  I walked down the hill and asked him if I could take a picture.  Like everyone, he said yes...  I converted this one to black and white.

One thing that you saw everywhere was dogs.  I bent down to take a picture of this dog and was approached by a boy.  He pointed to the dog and said "mi perro".  He then pointed to the camera, so I took their picture.  He had the appearance that he had got ready for this picture.  He didn't have a hair out of place.  What a moment!

Lastly, here are some pictures of random people that evening.  I was totally surprised at how many of the people had established a bond with one from our group and they wanted a picture taken.  I felt humbled to be there to take the picture.  Not all of the pictures are the best in the world, but there is a sincerity in the people's faces.

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