honduras - the hospital...

Finally got to sit down and look at my pictures from the mission trip in Honduras today.  Started trying to think of what I wanted to post first and these pictures below are the ones that really stuck out.  For me every day was an emotional day, because for a short time you have a chance to get immersed in their lives.  I was torn the entire trip on whether to love on the kids and play with them or take pictures.  I have to be honest, I looked forward to the trip because of the opportunity to take pictures.  However, after getting there and seeing the kids (and the adults), the emotions start and the pictures become second.

On Friday, some of us went to the hospital in Tegucigalpa to visit children in the cancer and orthopedic units.  Some of the women also went to the maternity unit.  Originally I wanted to go build another house that day with the other group (because that is the manly thing to do), but I went to the hospital so that I was able to stay with my nephew Sawyer.  After getting to the hospital, I realized almost immediately that I made the right decision.  These kids were so precious to get to meet.  The different language was a barrier to a point, but I constantly saw people breaking down the barriers by just getting in there and loving on the kids.  Coloring with them, teaching them to yo-yo, playing catch, opening their candy, playing with the toy cars, tying bracelets on their wrists and even teaching them to play "hot potato"! 

I converted all of the pictures to black and white because I wanted the emotions on their face to be the focal point of the picture.  I didn't want the colorful walls, clothes, blankets and toys to take away from this emotion.  These are faces that I will not soon forget.  


  1. I KNEW you would have awesome pics!!! I told you that you would! It was a pleasure to work with you last week!

  2. Love the pictures. I am so thankful you took these pictures at the hospital. I didn't take any there, but I remember their faces - like ANGELS! I haven't gotten to post any pics yet or write anything about what last week meant to me, but I hope to soon. Trying to reflect and process. Enjoyed serving with you!