final honduras image...

Still have many more Honduras images, but I think I am done posting them for now on my blog (after this one of course).  I may actually get a facebook account so I will have a place to put them all.  If you know me, then you would understand how monumental it is for me to get a facebook account.

I have been saving this one image for last.  It was taken on the day that we built the first house in Tegucigalpa.  Kids seem to congregate around the build site to see what's going on.  I think that this girl lived in one of the adjacent houses.  Haley had all of the kids in a corner playing games, painting fingernails and eating candy. Couldn't help but notice this girl.  What a sweet innocent look she has!  She couldn't get the wrapper off the candy so I helped her with it.  Afterwards, I snapped a couple of pictures and I would say that this is my favorite image from the trip... 


  1. Absolutely beautiful! Thanks so much for sharing.
    ...And you should definitely get on facebook so you can stop lurking on Sherri's page...and post more pics, of course ;)

  2. Oh yeah. Stunning environmental portrait. Well seen and captured.