If I had to think of just one thing about Honduras that will bring me back, I can honestly tell you that it is Dennis.  

During the first day at the Jesus banquet we started playing soccer after we got the trash picked up and the tables set up.  I can remember seeing the kids coming down the hill from the dump to join in.  Dennis came down and was trying to join in, but some of the other kids were more aggressive.  That is when I realized that Sawyer was made for mission work.  Sawyer immediately hooked up with Dennis and got him more involved.  Sawyer and Dennis bonded almost all day.  At one point Sawyer gave Dennis some money and had him go buy some ice cream.  Dennis thought he was buying it for Sawyer.  You should have seen the look in his eyes when Sawyer gave it to him. Unfortunately, Dennis' dad came along and sent Dennis to go get something and he took his ice cream and ate it.  

I can tell you that Sawyer and I have had more than one conversation about Dennis since we got back.  I pray for him often and I know that Sawyer does the same.  I don't even come close to understanding how God could take someone so precious and have them endure what Dennis is going through every day.  But I hope and pray that God has a plan for Dennis.  I love the fact that I am now able to associate a real face with this place...  Are you at a point where you are ready to do the same? 

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