christmas basketball...

Had a great time in Childress America over Christmas!  Took a few pictures, but these first two had to be my favorite.  Not necessarily because they are the best pictures, but because they were fun to take and the story behind them.  Stratton and Sawyer always seem to have great ideas, but they don't always pan out.  Well, during this visit they had plans for a much-hyped tennis match against me and grand plans for a family basketball game.  The tennis match was Monday afternoon.  I came out on top as far as score goes but I was way too sore/stiff to play in the basketball game scheduled for that night, so I took pictures and videos.  When all of the plans came together for the game Stratton, Sawyer and Tyler all three decided to "dress the part".  They all put on jerseys, but Stratton and Sawyer carried it a step farther.  Stratton combed his hair straight back, which looked more like a 'fro and added NBA ankle socks and very short shorts.  Sawyer parted his hair, combed it over, greased it down (the schoolboy look) and added tube socks.  Unfortunately, I only got individual pictures of Stratton.  Next year (this is now the start of a family tradition) I will get individuals of all team members.  I also posted the team pictures (winners first, losers second).  Sadi and Maci kept score in the stands with me.  All of the pictures were taken with my Leica M8 in a dimly lit gym using a 1250 ISO and no flash.

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