small steps...

Here lately I have been teaching too many Sunday School lessons to just keep on ignoring needs all around me...  That is how I felt today.  If you know me, especially if you go to my Sunday School class, you would know that I don't do well with approaching people in need.  My famous line to a lady who approached me one night at a local restaurant was "no thank you".  Why would you say "no thank you" to a person approaching you with a need!  Was she trying to sell me something?  No!  She was just asking or maybe even crying for help.  And my response was "no thank you"...

I still am not at a point where I can stop and "give" to every person sitting on the side of the road or standing on the corner asking for help.  But today I did something...  Thanks to a great friend who showed me, by example, how to take time out of my supposedly busy life and stop to see if there is a way to be a small part in meeting someone's needs.  If nothing else, I got to listen to this guy's story and meet a need both in his life and in mine.  After talking to him for a while, I couldn't resist.  I asked him if I could take a picture.  To me this picture represents my small step in looking for ways to share more of what I have when I see people that need it.


  1. Awesome. Is he wearing your coat? ;)

  2. You didn't give this enough credit when you were telling me about it. very profound.