leaving summer behind...

Shot some macro photos today for an upcoming photo contest.  Fired off quite a few shots before I finally took this one.  Knew it was a keeper when I took it.  Wish it would have been the first one instead of the last...  Struggled alot with finding a good background.  After Sherri saw all of the things that I had set up and was using as the background, she pointed to a plate in the kitchen and said "why don't you just use this".  At first, I wasn't going to even try it because I knew how she would rub it in if I used that photo for the contest.  After I showed her the photo on the computer, I could already hear her gloating.  Oh well, look at it this way, we make a good team!!!


  1. It's a winner for sure. Great lighting and textures. Thre is an interesting interplay between the super sharp edges of the leaf and the texture on the surface. Hey, we all wish we could take the best one first, but I think that would take away some of the fun.

  2. Hey it got second place I beleive in the contest at L-3...So you are $75.00 richer!