they call him Joe...

My first opportunity to take the Leica camera in a street setting amongst total strangers.  Memphis, TN seemed like a great opportunity...  I am absolutely fascinated by street photography, but definitely terrified of approaching people myself and knowingly taking a picture.  I see myself being the guy walking down the street taking pictures from his waist hoping that nobody notices.  This also has it's own set of challenges, focus and aim being the main ones.  Well I passed this guy several times and finally stopped to talk, trying to lead into the question "do you mind if I take your picture".  Joe was his name (so he told me), and he had worked on this corner at this restaurant for over 9 years.  He definitely was more approachable than his appearance might lead you to believe.  He was also overly receptive to "just talking" and even better when it came to the picture.  In retrospect, I think the camera around my neck probably let him know what I wanted even before I asked the question...  Took several more pictures around Memphis and of course every one has a story.  Hope to post them later.

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