little miss Sadi...

You know when you get that idea in your head...  You may have seen it somewhere, or if your the super-creative type, you may have imagined it yourself.  To me, one of the hardest things is to take this idea and make it a reality.  Especially in photography...  I love taking pictures, but I sometimes just can't get "that pose" that is trapped inside my head to come out in front of my camera.  I always blame the person in front of the camera, because the guy behind the camera knows exactly what this person should be doing.  Today was just another example of this...  Poor Sadi was the person in front of the camera.  I had this idea, but I was having trouble getting it across to her.  After a few tries, I was even starting to doubt that the idea was even really that good in the first place.  Well, today, persistence ruled in my house...  I wanted a picture that seemed extremely personal, in Sherri's words "it had to be vintagey", it had to have a bit of innocence coming through, it also should be one where she had to look comfortable (ie. natural) but stretch/lean forward as much as possible (ie. be very uncomfortable).  Oh yeah, I also wanted her to smile.  For those that know Sadi, she doesn't like to do this in pictures.  I think that I nailed it.  I love this picture of "little miss Sadi".

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