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Took this picture on my way back from Salvation Mountain almost a year ago.  Going to this mountain in the desert became an obsession.  After reading so much about Leonard Knight and using things about him in several Sunday School lessons, I felt like I had to meet him.  I knew one thing for sure; he wasn't getting any younger (he was in his 70s) and every year that I waited was going to make it less likely that I would get to meet him.  Meeting him was definitely everything that I had expected.  It opened my eyes to see someone that supposedly "gave up everything" for God, yet was so incredibly happy with "nothing" but God and his purpose that God put him here to complete.  You can see details on my experience at this blog post.  The pictures of the visit are in a separate post following the text.  

This picture was taken along the Salton Sea.  There were many beaches/parks all along the eastern banks of this sea.  Because I was by myself, I stopped at almost every one of them.  I took several pictures, but didn't post any because, in a way, they are depressing.  Here is a National Geographic story on the Salton Sea.  There was also a documentary about the place.  In all of my stops, I didn't once have to fight for a parking place and I never had to pay for parking.  That is a far cry from my latest visit to Southern California this past August.  The bad part about this was the beaches and parks were ALL closed.  The area that once had great potential was now essentially dead.  This picture definitely gives you that feeling of desolation or lack of life.  In the horizon, you can see the fog that is floating on top of the Salton Sea and the clouds add to the mood. 

The story behind this picture definitely makes me reflect on my life.  God has given me so much potential...  I have been given so many opportunities...  It seems through all of the "stuff" that I have experienced, God has prepared me for something.  There is so much that I can do, if only I am willing...  The question is:  "am I at a point where I am ready for the opportunities that God has for me or am I essentially "closed" like the picture says?"   

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