Bought some new software (Apple Aperture) for my computer to edit images.  Even went and took a short class on it at the Apple store.  My goal is to post "close to" one image a day that is using something different in the software on each image.  No promises on every day...  The fun/challenging part of this is digging through old pictures (old is relative you know) and finding ones to edit.  This was one taken on a dinner and night out in downtown Dallas.  Didn't eat dinner or stay here, just took a picture as we were passing by.  Cropped, then edited the exposure, contrast and added some BW and Sepia. 

maci & tyler

Wanted to take an engagement pose of Maci and Tyler before they got married.  They are getting married on August 6th, so I was running out of time.  Got all of the studio equipment set up and only took 11 shots total.  About 20-30 minutes in photoshop and here is the keeper!  This pose/facial expression really stuck out to me.  Some may say that they look too serious, but I get the sense that this look shows that they are very determined...  To me a marriage is built around determination to stay together no matter what.  I pray for their marriage and life together with this same determination...

sadi & dad

Back to work tomorrow...  :(  Took a picture of Sadi and me today after church before she and her mom went shopping.  Either I am getting shorter or Sadi is getting taller.  I stayed at home and worked in the yard and took pictures of Maci and Tyler.  Should be posting their picture later this week.