sadi self portrait

This may sound weird, but I love it when Sadi takes my camera without letting me know...  But hold on, here is the rest of that statement.  The reason that I love it is because she usually takes some pictures while acting crazy and doesn't delete them all.  Almost as if she thinks nobody will see them.  Many of them will be great pictures to put in the paper (if there is such a thing) when she turns 16, 18, 30, 40, etc (you get the picture...).  Anyway, this one is not necessarily crazy, but all that I can say is like father like daughter...  Thank goodness I don't actually post all of the pictures of me taking pictures of myself in the mirror.  Sherri just rolls her eyes when she sees them on the computer.  Maybe someday I will post an album of all of these.  It would be a good way to show the progression of my hair loss...

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