I find myself always wanting to travel somewhere so that I can see new things, and take pictures along the way.  What I sometimes forget is that I have many places that I haven't even seen in my own back yard (ok, maybe it is stretching it to consider Dallas my own back yard).  Sherri and I have eaten at Grimaldi's in New York (Sherri has eaten there multiple times now).  We have wanted to try the Grimaldi's in Dallas for quite some time now.  Finally, we can say that we have eaten there.  Let me tell you, if you make the trip to eat there, you will not be disappointed.  The Dallas Grimaldi's is wood fired pizza at it's best!!!  Of course, I took my EP2 camera along with me.  I still haven't bought a flash for the camera, because I have two very fast lenses.  Makes the camera very portable and easy to use.  Another neat thing about the camera is that you can change the aspect ratio.  I decided to shoot everything on this trip in the 6X6 aspect ratio (square).  I have tons of prints that I have had developed at Adorama in NYC in the square format.  I love this aspect ratio.  It seems you are seeing more and more frames that accept square prints.  If all else fails, I just get out my mat cutter and frame it under a mat.  Back to the trip to Grimaldi's...

This is the sign outside (duh...)

Looking inside at the entrance.  Looks like everyone is busy.  Notice the subway signs above the cooks...

This pizza looks very appetizing!  I love the bokeh (out of focus foreground and background) of the picture...  This is the EP2 camera with the Panasonic 20mm f1.7 lens at it's finest.

I think they like the drinks...

I can't believe I am posting this one, but it does show you that I really liked the pizza.

Finally...  Desert!

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