Occasionally, I love driving down the road by myself.  I get to listen to the music as loud as I want AND I get to stop wherever I want to take pictures without someone else complaining.  This is an example...  Driving down 380 on my way back from Frisco.  See a neat looking house on the side of the road.  First thing that comes to my mind is "that would be a neat picture."  But, the problem is you are travelling at 60-70 mph.  If I am with the family, I have to make a mental note to stop there the next time I am by myself (because of the previously mentioned complaints).  If I am by myself, I pull over on the side of the road and make a u-turn.

Of course, the neat thing about this picture is the fact that the house is deteriorating.  The roof is gone, however the small canopy over the front door is still barely there.  Either the house was built amongst the trees or the trees are growing up around an empty house.  I would assume it is the latter.  The windows are gone, but the frames are still there.  If I was a brave person (and I am not), I would have went in the house and taken pictures of the interior, but I have a fear of spiders and snakes that pretty much controls my decision on this. Maybe I will have to go back to this house during the winter months.

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