Took these pictures of Bentlee a couple of weeks ago.  His mom, Shea, is a friend of ours.  I don't take pictures using my studio equipment very often because of the time that it takes to set up the lights and background (and take it down), but I couldn't resist giving it a shot with Bentlee.  What an adorable baby!  After the shoot, I figured out a few things that would have made it easier.  I didn't realize that you should have the room around 85 degrees to take pictures of babies without their clothes.  Poor Bentlee had to suffer through a 75 degree room.  No wonder he had trouble sleeping in the last photos...

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  1. Hello Troy, A wonderful site. Enjoy this time with your child and good wife. Your are now where I began long ago. I feel honored that you would put me as a favorite website. It started as a photo only but Im my old age :) Im writing more and more. Love your photos. How can you not love a cute baby pic....
    Pete (37th Frame)