You guessed it...  More pictures with my EP2 camera.  They mostly turn out right out of the camera so it reduces my time in Elements.  Wilco seemed to just sit still for me, so I snapped a few pictures.  The first one has the artsy pinhole camera effect turned on.  The second one is in full manual mode.  Poor Sophi hasn't had a picture in a while.  I will try and take some soon.

birthday dinner

Sadi had her birthday dinner at Applebees with Heather and Anna.  Maci, Tyler and Sherri were there also (not in the picture, refer to previous blog below for explanation).  Happy 14th birthday to my little girl!  This was another picture taken with my new camera inside the building with no flash.  So far, I am very happy with the results.

turning the whole world upside down

Note:  no animals were injured while taking this picture...
I think that Maci would agree that her new dog Wilco has turned her world upside down.  This particular day he was very calm (because he wasn't feeling good at all).  He was in her arms and then he ducked his head under her arm and before you know it he was upside down.  He just stayed in this position, almost like he liked it.  Of course, I had my new camera and got the shot...

maci & wilco

So here is a picture taken with my EP2 camera at a track meet.  This is a picture straight out of the camera that was taken at night.  I bought the camera with a very fast lens (f1.7) and without a flash, because I wanted something small and capable without any accessories.  It has an artsy black and white grainy setting.  Cool picture of Maci and her new yorkie Wilco.  Also, didn't notice it at the time, but the ring adds alot to the picture.  

opportunity knocks

Took this snapshot the other day using my new camera (Olympus EP2).  The camera has been a real sore subject around our house for a few days, but I think I am safe to blog about it now (more about this later :)).  Don't get as many opportunities as I would like to take pictures of mom and the girls.  Not because I don't have enough cameras.  It always seems one of the three doesn't want their picture taken because of some random reason which usually has something to do with hair.  I just try and take the opportunities when I get them.


This one was taken a couple of years ago at the Oshkosh airshow in Wisconsin.  It was a picture that I had put in my delete folder, but just never deleted.  Not the best photo in terms of focus, but the content seems great.  This is one of those moments that the actual feeling could never really be captured in a photo.  If you have ever seen an F-22 at an airshow, you will understand why.  I can remember that the noise and the vibration in my chest was so overwhelming during this low pass fly-by.  They call this overwhelming noise/vibration generated by the F-22 "the sound of freedom" and I would agree.   What an awesome show of engineering at it's finest!  The F-22 is coming to the Ft Worth airshow this fall.  I look forward to getting the chance to take more photos!