Seattle's Best

These are pictures that I took on one of my trips to Seattle earlier this year. Despite what most people assume (because I like coffee), Starbucks is not my favorite coffee shop. In Texas, it is just the easiest to find. When I am in Seattle, I always take the opportunity to visit a Seattle's Best Coffee Shop. This shop is right around the corner from the Original Starbucks. Both within walking distance of each other. Not exactly the same in Texas...


  1. These are great, but I'm dying to see what you took at the concert the other night. You DID take pictures, right?
    Also, nice profile pic ;)

  2. Unfortunately, no pictures (to speak of) from the concert. I only took a few with my iphone and they really stink. Your pictures turned out great. I really like the profile of "the Edge" and the blue screen with Bono and the weird mic... I am taking a camera to the Bruce Springsteen concert in Philly!

  3. I really like these! Photography in the dark can be quite difficult, but when done well it really pays off.