Some people think of Philadelphia and they think of cheesesteak, the Phillies, the Eagles, the Liberty bell, Ben Franklin, or many other early American history icons. When I thought of Philly, I couldn't wait to go see Rocky and run the famous stairs at the Philadelphia Museum of Art! Looking for souvenirs to bring back to Maci and Sadi, I immediately found exactly what they would want; Rocky t-shirts... This is the only picture that I took in Philly that cost me. There was an entrepreneur waiting by the statue. He assured me two things: his pictures that he had taken were all over the world and he was too old to run with my camera (he could see the look in my eyes when I handed him over $$$$ worth of camera gear). Afterwards, he was glad to tell me how slow things were with the economy and all. My only regret was that I didn't get a picture of or with him. Maybe next time...

Parking Meters

This is another picture from Philadelphia taken from my iPhone. If I
would have had more time, I could have spent a whole day just taking
pictures of parking meters. Between the age of the meters (they were
mostly all functional), and the buildings/bridges in the background,
it was the 'perfect storm' for photography. I hope to have some
pictures downloaded from my 'real' camera sometime this week. Always
seem too busy to get them downloaded. The iPhone and all of the
camera apps make it way too easy. This may be the reason for
upgrading to the newest iPhone; just to get the 3mp camera.

The 'real stuff'

Ate my first authentic Philly cheesesteak. Sonny's Famous Steaks,
where sarcasm is "just another free service they offer".

Downtown Philadelphia

In Philly to see a Bruce Springsteen concert. Brought all of my
cameras... Took this one with my iPhone. Funny that it says (now
demolished). Like I couldn't tell by looking around and seeing all of
the stores...

Seattle's Best

These are pictures that I took on one of my trips to Seattle earlier this year. Despite what most people assume (because I like coffee), Starbucks is not my favorite coffee shop. In Texas, it is just the easiest to find. When I am in Seattle, I always take the opportunity to visit a Seattle's Best Coffee Shop. This shop is right around the corner from the Original Starbucks. Both within walking distance of each other. Not exactly the same in Texas...

Play on...

I see the piano and organ at the front of our church every Sunday (or at least every Sunday that we are there). Went to church one Sunday afternoon wanting to find the extra in the ordinary. Left with a new perspective... at least on the piano and organ...