Coffee Makers...

So the coffee maker (or the more technically correct term is Super Automatic Expresso Machine) on the left is my most recent purchase. There is such a long story and life-lesson associated with this machine. For those in my Sunday School class, you know it all too well (after three well-intentioned lessons). Being a coffee snob, this was my dream machine (the best part of waking up is NOT Folgers in MY cup). I have been looking at it for over 2 years, just couldn't seem to justify buying such an expensive machine for coffee!

Now, the coffee maker on the right is Sherri's coffee maker. It does exactly as she wants; it makes coffee. $49.99 and she is proud of it! She loves the smell of her Folgers brewing in the morning.

Time will tell if Sherri will ever completely come over to my side of the counter, but for now we have to maintain two coffee makers... If this is our biggest disagreement, I am a fortunate man!

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