Buffalo Stampede

Here are a couple of pictures from this week's cross country meet. The weather was perfect, but the course was tough to follow. In many places, the path was defined by logs laying on the ground. Did I mention that the course was on a horse ranch??? Unfortunately many of the paths were also marked with deposits from the horses. There were nine colleges at this meet. Texas A&M Commerce came in fourth. Maci placed third overall with a time of 20:45. We have a few weeks off before we head to Stillwater, OK.


  1. 3rd overall out of her Commerce teammates? or 3rd overall out of everybody? Either way is awesome. I'm afraid I couldn't come in 3rd even if I were only running against 2 other people...

  2. She was 3rd out of all of the girls. She was 1st out of her Commerce teammates. We are so proud of her!