Am I really this bored?

Ok, was I really this bored today? Spent the day with Sherri - got up early, ate breakfast (drank coffee), did yardwork, washed/dried/vacuumed the cars, volunteered at the "Rally Around Greenville", ate at CiCis, watched TV, took a nap, went to Rockwall, ate at Molinas... And I still had time to take pictures of some mushrooms in our neighborhood. This is what happens when you have one kid away at college and the other spending the night with a friend. Two parents with nothing but time. I would say that Sherri and I had a great day together!


  1. You forgot the most important thing on your list....Talked to Charles in Orlando.. HEHEHE

  2. Sounds like fun~I love days like that! Have you noticed that the mushrooms are growing in a semi-circular pattern? I've seen them in 3 different places around town...gonna have to "google" to find out why.