Maybe this is my life...

Ok, I was going through some pictures that I took a few weeks back. For this picture, I was walking into the kitchen and noticed a frog on our back door glass. Sherri thinks that I am weird, because the first thing that came to my mind was what a neat picture. At any minute the frog appeared that he was about to jump. Fortunately, I was able to get quite a few pictures prior to the escape. Makes me come to the realization that most of my pictures come from spur-of-the-moment boredom (see below)...

In the details

It is amazing what you can find in the details. I was looking through some pictures from an airshow in Oshkosh that I went to a couple of years ago. I found a few pictures to post, but this one really caught my eye (ha ha)... I cropped the rest of the airplane out of the picture to just focus on the image painted on the side. If you stare at the bottom part of the eye, the image jumps out at you and it appears that the skin is peeling back.

Still bored...

Not much to say on this one. Sherri and I were in downtown Greenville today and we stopped at a garden park on Washington Street. As usual, I had my camera and took several pictures...

BTW, I love weekends with really nothing to do!

Am I really this bored?

Ok, was I really this bored today? Spent the day with Sherri - got up early, ate breakfast (drank coffee), did yardwork, washed/dried/vacuumed the cars, volunteered at the "Rally Around Greenville", ate at CiCis, watched TV, took a nap, went to Rockwall, ate at Molinas... And I still had time to take pictures of some mushrooms in our neighborhood. This is what happens when you have one kid away at college and the other spending the night with a friend. Two parents with nothing but time. I would say that Sherri and I had a great day together!

Buffalo Stampede

Here are a couple of pictures from this week's cross country meet. The weather was perfect, but the course was tough to follow. In many places, the path was defined by logs laying on the ground. Did I mention that the course was on a horse ranch??? Unfortunately many of the paths were also marked with deposits from the horses. There were nine colleges at this meet. Texas A&M Commerce came in fourth. Maci placed third overall with a time of 20:45. We have a few weeks off before we head to Stillwater, OK.

Memphis Twilight Run

On Saturday night Maci ran in here first official college cross
country meet (actually this was her first cross country meet ever).
It was a 5k in the pouring rain in a path around a soccer complex in
Memphis, TN. Here you see her making the final corner near the finish
line. She placed 72nd out of 184 with a 20:39 time. She was the
first TAMUC runner across the finish line.

Coffee Makers...

So the coffee maker (or the more technically correct term is Super Automatic Expresso Machine) on the left is my most recent purchase. There is such a long story and life-lesson associated with this machine. For those in my Sunday School class, you know it all too well (after three well-intentioned lessons). Being a coffee snob, this was my dream machine (the best part of waking up is NOT Folgers in MY cup). I have been looking at it for over 2 years, just couldn't seem to justify buying such an expensive machine for coffee!

Now, the coffee maker on the right is Sherri's coffee maker. It does exactly as she wants; it makes coffee. $49.99 and she is proud of it! She loves the smell of her Folgers brewing in the morning.

Time will tell if Sherri will ever completely come over to my side of the counter, but for now we have to maintain two coffee makers... If this is our biggest disagreement, I am a fortunate man!