Maci - Soccer

Over the years, I have taken probably more than ten thousand pictures of Maci playing soccer.  Tonight I decided maybe that I should post a few.  The bad part of having so many pictures is trying to find that one that I really like.  Found several, but I picked these mainly because I got tired of looking and decided to make a decision.  If you know me, I don't do well making decisions.  Oh well, funny how I have all of these pictures of Maci playing soccer and now she suddenly likes to run.  It is hard to take an exciting picture of a runner...  So in the first picture, she looks like she is dancing and playing soccer.  If it were me, this would be a sure sign that I was tripping.  The second picture shows the focus on the ball.  Incredible, considering that everyone around her (that you cannot see) is running towards the same ball.  The last picture just shows that girls are mean too...

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