Mecca (for a coffee drinker anyway)...

So this is where it all began... Most of you probably know the story about Starbucks. When I started going to Seattle, I photographed the store many times. After all, I reaaaaalllllly like Starbucks coffee. And I really liked the different coffee cups that you could only get at the original Pikes Place store. Every time there was something about the picture where the mood didn't seem right (too many people, too dark, cars, too modern). Well, last summer we were down in the Pikes Place Market after dark and things were closing down. Most of the cars were gone and for some reason this one car was left in front of Starbucks. Talk about the perfect photo op! Unfortunately, the only camera that I had with me was a small point and shoot camera (one step above a cell phone camera). In case you don't know much about cameras, small point and shoot cameras don't do very well in dark conditions when you don't want to use the flash. The pictures tend to be blurry. Well all of that money that I spent on all of those expensive lenses and cameras didn't help a bit here. They were all at home and here I was with the perfect photo chance. A friend of mine once told me that the best camera in the world is the one that you have with you. This photo proves that. Probably the best photo that I will ever be able to take of this store... No matter how many times that I go to Seattle.


  1. I love this! Sometimes "simple" is better...whether its cameras or coffee makers...

  2. Troy hope you get this would love to use this image in article for my online here't pay (free magazine) but will publicise blog on page...if your okay with that, could you send hi-res version to me at
    All good things,