Christ Died For Us...

So I took this on one of our trips to New York in 2006.  Not exactly my style of spreading the Good News, but I have to respect a guy like this...  In the middle of Time Square in New York City; one of the busiest places in the world.  How many people are REALLY paying attention to him, his salesmanship or his sign.  Yet, he continues...   Not in a "Bullhorn" kind of way (for the Noomiacs), but in a matter of fact kind of way.  So what is the probability that he will reach someone?  Well if you think about it, probably pretty good!  The chances are slim, but the number of prospects are high.  Plus, what makes ME think that I can actually convince someone to come to know Christ on MY own with MY dynamic ways of sharing the Gospel?  Both of us (he and I) are on a level playing field.  We both need God!  Without His prompting or plan, nothing happens on the other end...  In both cases, it starts with a person willing to share and ends with a person who needs Christ.  Hits me right in the face!  Who seems to be the more willing person to REALLY share Jesus???

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  1. Makes me realize that we don't have to use a bullhorn or even a sign but just do what God has called us to do.