Snoqualmie Falls - Seattle

Yet another visit to Seattle.  Scheduled a late night flight out after two long days of work (trying to get sympathy here) so that I could have time to go and do something different.  According to the propoganda, Snoqualmie Falls cascades 270 feet (100 feet higher than Niagra Falls) through a rock gorge.  It is one of Washington state's most popular scenic attractions.  You can view the falls from an observation area at the top.  Then you can go down a half-mile trail through the trees and open slopes to get to the base of the falls.  I have pictures from both the top and at the base.  At the bottom, it is a matter of perspective.  The falls are ENORMOUS, but one of the pictures with me in it makes me look massive with a small waterfall backdrop.  This was just proof that I was there...  On my way down I passed a man and a lady that caught my eye.  The man had an interesting walking stick (or maybe it was to fend off the bears).  As you can see, they were happy to let me take their picture.  Also on my way down the trail I passed an older guy that was huffing, puffing and struggling to get up the steep trail.  I thought to myself how easy this was and how I hope to never be as out of shape as the old guy.  Well, on my way back up the trail, I passed many a younger guy that had the same look on their face while they were looking at me pouring sweat with every slow step.  Man it stinks getting older.  Well at least my pictures are better than theirs...

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  1. Ah, my home land! I grew up in Tacoma; such a beautiful state!!!