Best Friends

Maci and her friend Jenna wanted "best friend" pictures on Sunday night, so I gathered up my camera stuff and went downtown g'ville.  It is amazing how many places there are to take pictures there.  This is one taken in front of an old wooden garage door.  Last time I was downtown taking pictures the door was weathered wood.  This time, somebody (probably the owner) decided to paint the door black.  From a photography standpoint, the black is much better.  Thanks to whoever did this!  Of course, I added a little flair to the picture by making it black & white and "cartooning" it slightly.

If you are downtown taking pictures, you have to venture over to the railroad tracks.  This one "turned" out pretty good (get the pun.)...  I told them to fall backwards and flip if they heard a train coming.  Me, I was going to stay there long enough to get a picture of a fast-moving train coming at me.  After all, how many opportunities would you get to take a picture like that.  Wow, got way off subject there...

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