Sadi would kill me if she knew that I posted this one.  It was blurry and I made it sorta cartooned to make it look less like her.  Sadi likes to take "random pictures" with my camera.  The problem is that she usually takes a hundred or more "random pictures" at a high frame rate.  I have to sort through them and delete most, but I HAD to save this one of her taking a picture of herself in the mirror.

More Best Friends

Ok, so now I may have found a way to take pictures of my kids (or maybe this is my calling in taking pictures).  First Maci asked me to take pictures of her with her best friend before they went off to college (separate colleges).  Then, after Sadi saw the pictures, she wanted me to do the same for her.  Again, I resorted to downtown Greenville and visited the same locations, but changed up the poses.  In this first one, they were peeking through the crack in the doors.  Looked cute to me...  The second one was just a good closeup of them both smiling.  Plus, the garage door handle and cracked wood/paint add character to the picture.  The last one started out goofy, but after I took a few, it started to look better.  Sadi and Mikayla actually liked it...


The weather was perfect in Greenville for Starbucks outside tonight.
It was actually a little chilly. Strange for a July night in Texas...

Corn Dogs

Wow! It worked and it was easy. So easy that I am posting this one
also! Love the corn dogs even though they are probably made out of
chicken feet or some ancilliary part like that. Ok, enough about
that; back to the picture...

Took this picture from my iPhone at the Hunt County Fair. Looked neat
on the phone so I wanted to see what it looks like on my blog.

Best Friends

Maci and her friend Jenna wanted "best friend" pictures on Sunday night, so I gathered up my camera stuff and went downtown g'ville.  It is amazing how many places there are to take pictures there.  This is one taken in front of an old wooden garage door.  Last time I was downtown taking pictures the door was weathered wood.  This time, somebody (probably the owner) decided to paint the door black.  From a photography standpoint, the black is much better.  Thanks to whoever did this!  Of course, I added a little flair to the picture by making it black & white and "cartooning" it slightly.

If you are downtown taking pictures, you have to venture over to the railroad tracks.  This one "turned" out pretty good (get the pun.)...  I told them to fall backwards and flip if they heard a train coming.  Me, I was going to stay there long enough to get a picture of a fast-moving train coming at me.  After all, how many opportunities would you get to take a picture like that.  Wow, got way off subject there...

Snoqualmie Falls - Seattle

Yet another visit to Seattle.  Scheduled a late night flight out after two long days of work (trying to get sympathy here) so that I could have time to go and do something different.  According to the propoganda, Snoqualmie Falls cascades 270 feet (100 feet higher than Niagra Falls) through a rock gorge.  It is one of Washington state's most popular scenic attractions.  You can view the falls from an observation area at the top.  Then you can go down a half-mile trail through the trees and open slopes to get to the base of the falls.  I have pictures from both the top and at the base.  At the bottom, it is a matter of perspective.  The falls are ENORMOUS, but one of the pictures with me in it makes me look massive with a small waterfall backdrop.  This was just proof that I was there...  On my way down I passed a man and a lady that caught my eye.  The man had an interesting walking stick (or maybe it was to fend off the bears).  As you can see, they were happy to let me take their picture.  Also on my way down the trail I passed an older guy that was huffing, puffing and struggling to get up the steep trail.  I thought to myself how easy this was and how I hope to never be as out of shape as the old guy.  Well, on my way back up the trail, I passed many a younger guy that had the same look on their face while they were looking at me pouring sweat with every slow step.  Man it stinks getting older.  Well at least my pictures are better than theirs...

Belated 4th of July in Greenville

These are pictures that Sadi and I took at the Greenville Sports park on Saturday night.  Most were just of the fireworks, but I tried to get a little artsy on one (seems to be my theme)...  I set up the camera and Sadi got to use the remote to fire away (no pun intended...)  All of the fireworks pictures on the internet make it look easy.  For me, it is definitely alot of luck in your timing and exposure.  Oh well, these were good enough for me!