Get out of my way...

Took this picture at the Wilson's over the weekend.  They are overwhelmed with babies (colts and puppies).  You can see the colts next to their mother running to the feed trough.  I was balancing myself on the back of a Mule (the motorized version, not the animal) while taking this picture.

Are you nuts?

Well, that would be me...  I am the one who spent 30 minutes outside taking pictures of a squirrel.  This guy (or girl) spends alot of time in our neighborhood.  As you can see, he was focused on the nut...

Pikes Market

Seattle is one of my favorite places to visit.  Lots of strange things to photograph.  I have photographed this sign several times (in color, b&w and sepia).  This one was taken at dusk on a partly cloudy night.  I converted it to sepia because the sky was so grayish/blue.

In Color

Was looking for a way to mix black and white and color.  Disassembled a framed picture at home to use the frame as a prop.  Took this in an abandoned building in downtown Greenville.  The building is now overgrown and boarded up.

Camels in Texas

Really, there are camels in Texas.  Took this sometime ago along US287 on our way to Childress.


One of my favorite pictures that I have taken of Maci and Sadi.  No work to get them to not smile!

First Photo

A photo of a sunset with a bare blackjack oak tree as the main focus.